Local Artists on Display

January 2nd -  February 23rd : Cheryl Sager

The theme/title of the show is "Sensing the Seasons" 
Description:  Take a dogsled ride through the New Hampshire woods, Smell the lilacs coming into bloom, Feel the sun and salt of summer, and See the brilliant colors of Autumn's show.  
Artist Statement:

     I have always loved watercolor painting and added learning how to my “bucket list.”  In 2014-15 I began taking watercolor painting classes with Doris Rice, a well-known watercolorist and teacher who provides many painting opportunities, as well as critique, suggestions, and encouragement.  Taking all of this to heart, I began entering SAA Theme Shows and signed up for a couple of Body of Work shows.  Additionally, I show and sell artwork at various Art Show events in the seacoast area and have even taken on a few commissions.  
     All of my pieces are original works as I makes no prints, thus making each painting “one of a kind.”  This includes the images on my cards, which can be removed, matted, and framed.  Each painting is signed and dated on the front and back.  When you look for my signature on the front you will have to be a bit of detective because my signature is hidden within the painting.  I hope you enjoy the search as you experience the beauty, fun, and individuality of each season when you wander through, "Sensing the Seasons."  Whether whimsical, majestic, fun, or serious, the beauty of each season is here. 




The 2nd floor meeting room serves as exhibit space for local artists.  Displays are shown for approximately 2-month periods and the public is welcome to view them during regular library hours, if the room is not in use for a meeting.

Please contact Julie Watt at the library for more information or to display your work: 603-329-6411