Museum Passes

General Information about the Museum Passes

NOTE: Please, always check an attraction's website when making your trip plans to see if there are specific restrictions (such as mask requirements). Sometimes you will need to coordinate reservation and pick-up of the Hampstead Public Library's discount tickets with reservation/payment for the museum's timed-tickets. We will do our best to assist you.  Passes that you reserve can be picked-up at the library in person or via Curbside Pickup. Use Tixkeeper to make your library pass reservations.

The Hampstead Public Library has museum passes available to Hampstead library cardholders on a space-available basis. Passes give free or discounted admission. Some of the passes are for general admission only; others include special exhibits. Prior to making your plans, check the more detailed information for each pass by clicking on the museum name (the green bar) in TixKeeper.

Some details to consider:
  • A cardholder may only borrow the pass to a specific museum once per month. Exceptions will be made if the pass is still available on the day you'd like to use it. 
  • Please notify the library of any cancellations as others may be waiting for the passes.

If you have ANY questions, please call us 603-329-6411.

The Hampstead Public Library would like to thank the Friends of the Hampstead Library, the Hampstead Mothers' Club, the Hampstead Civic Club and anonymous donors for making these passes available to our patrons.
If you are interested in contributing to the museum pass program, please contact our Director, at the library, 603-329-6411.

Tips for Using TixKeeper

  • Please be sure to click all the way through the process until you get a confirmation/complete page. When Tixkeeper asks for your barcode it is referring to your library card number. 
  • You still MUST come to the library to pick up the actual pass when it is noted on your confirmation, when we are open.
  • If possible, provide us an email address, so we can send you a confirmation email. If you're not sure if you have an email on your library record, call us.
  • You can sort by days or by pass and see only those criteria if you click on the arrows in the drop down menus near the top of the screen. Click on the image for the museum or the name to go to the museum's site, if you want information about the museum.
  • If you get an error, or your card isn't 'valid', call us because there may be an issue with your account, or your card may  have simply expired.