Xploration STEM--Boo Bubbles

Xploration STEM presents Boo Bubbles!   (This date is a Hampstead schools early release day.)

This enrichment activity includes two experiments and two demonstrations involving dry ice.  Participants learn what dry ice is and how it is affected by rapid warming. While the process is happening in front of them, they'll be "wowed" when they see the fog roll off the tables.  In the first experiment, students attempt to control the released carbon dioxide "fog" by capturing it in the form of bubbles.  Can you catch a bubble in your hand?  In the second experiment, students for a hypothesis.  What happens if we release the carbon dioxide in the bubble solution?  Tons of fun!  

This program is best for grades 1-7.

Registration is required HERE.

Event Location: 
Program Time: 
2:30pm - 3:30pm
Room Reservation: 
Wed, September 28, 2022