Morning Tea Program: Gypsy Tea

The dancers of “Jewels of Paradise” are back to take you on a journey via dance! Come sip some tea and be entertained with this special performance. 

Please note the 11am morning Tea is now full.  To be added to the 11am waitlist, please email Julie at and specify the time in the email. Thank you.


Although it is not required, we greatly appreciate participant contributions of a small dessert, fruit, etc. Please register in advance. 

The tea being served is a Black Chai, a historical Romani favorite. 

From the Jewels of Paradise: 

Gypsies! Elusive, mysterious, often misunderstood: a separate people and culture, they are intriguing to many. Journey with us across the continents and through time! Experience the culture through music and dance, as we follow the path of the Rom Gypsies from Rajastan, where it began a thousand years ago. From the Ghawazee, Egypt’s famous Gypsy street entertainers, dancing and charmingly begging for “baksheesh”, (tip money for their dowries) to a fiery, flamenco-influenced pericon dance and beyond, the ladies of Miri Keliphen ("Dancing Sisters" in Romany language) will keep you entranced!

The Gypsies’ life is a beautiful story: passionate, tragic and joyful by turns, a legend lived and passed down to each new generation. Join us, won't you, to discover the mysteries unveiled by Miri Kelphen in this once-in-a-lifetime presentation!




Event Location: 
Program Time: 
11:00am - 12:30pm
Room Reservation: 
Fri, December 09, 2022