Mystery At The Library (End)

Saturday, October 30 is the last day to stop by the library to help solve the mystery!

Mystery Challenge premise: A rare book was "stolen" from the library, and we need your help to figure out who did it. There are ten clues hidden throughout the library, and each clue will narrow down the list of suspects until you're left with a final culprit. 

Stop by the front desk to pick up a list of suspects and Clue #1. After you've solved all the clues and figured out who committed the crime, you will be given a raffle ricket to enter a prize drawing!

Prizes include:
- A gift card to Prime Butcher
- A gift card to Dunkin Donuts
- A gift card to The English Muffin
- A Hampstead Public Library tote bag 
Event Location: 
Program Time: 
9:00am - 9:15am
Room Reservation: 
Sat, October 30, 2021