Dignity Drive (Start)

The Hampstead Public Library is hosting a two-week Dignity Drive to benefit the Community Caregivers of Greater Derry. Starting Tuesday, November 15th and ending on Tuesday, November 29th (the National Day of Giving) we will be collecting donations of the following hygiene items: 

-Chux pads

-Poise/Tenna pads

-Adult Pullups (any size)

-Baby wipes

-Nutritional supplement drinks (ie: Ensure, Boost, Gevity)

-Rubber gloves

(open packages will be accepted)



About Community Caregivers and Loaner’s Closet for Durable Medical Equipment:

Community Caregivers also operates the Loaner’s Closet for Durable Medical Equipment due to the generosity of foundation and individual donations. The program is open to any and all NH residents, and you do not need to meet any criteria.

Our new location in Derry houses a vast waiting room, two showrooms and a workshop for volunteers and staff to complete minor repairs on our equipment. We also have a cleaning room featuring a state-of-the-art HUBSCRUB TM Machine that sanitizes each new donation and every returned item using antibacterial detergent and UV LIGHT technology.

Used durable medical equipment for loan is available at no charge for as long as needed. Individuals and/or service providers can call the office for item availability. Clean and gently used equipment gladly accepted. A tax deduction letter is provided upon request if items were purchased out of pocket.


Event Location: 
Program Time: 
9:00am - 11:00am
Room Reservation: 
Tue, November 15, 2022