Meeting Room

Hampstead Garden Club

The Hampstead Garden Club would like to hold our monthly meeting at the library. Approximately 30-40 people will attend, and light refreshments will be served. We're requesting early access to the meeting room (6:15 pm) so we can set up tables and chairs prior to the meeting.

Yankee Humor Presenter: Ken Sheldon aka Fred Marple

Friends of the Hampstead Public Library Program

Fred Marple returns with a new show of Yankee humor, music and assorted nonsense. Fred is the unofficial spokesman for the mythical town of Frost Heaves, NH, and he’s on a one‑man crusade to put Frost Heaves back on the map. Fred has appeared on NH Chronicle, in the pages of Yankee Magazine and NH Magazine, on the radio, and at town halls, church basements, and better garages across the region. He is the author of Welcome to Frost Heaves and two recordings of original folk songs: My Mountain and Crabby Road. 




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