Meeting Room

Third Thursday Book Club - Hemingway's To Have and Have Not

Joining PBS Books and libraries around the country, the Third Thursday Book Club has chosen to discusses a work of Ernest Hemingway. TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT is the featured book for our club. Please call the Library if you would like to borrow a copy. The discussion will most likely either be via Zoom or outside the Library (TBD.)  Email if you have any questions about the book club.

Third Thursday Book Club: Ordinary Grace

Third Thursday Book Club is reading ORDINARY GRACE by William Kent Grueger. If you would like to reserve a copy of the book to read, please call the Library (329-6411) and you will be notified when it is ready for Curbside Pickup. All those who check out a book will be notified by email of the Zoom meeting link. If you get a copy of Ordinary Grace from another source but want to partcipate in the meeting, please email Janet,

Watching the Lights Go Out: the story of Bessie, a wise dog

Watching the Lights Go Out is an inspiring story about a brave dog who gradually loses her eyesight. The author, Thomas Farmen, tells us about the unexpected diagnosis of terminal blindness for his beloved dog, Bessie, through the two-and-a-half year transition to sightlessness. In the process, Bessie unwittingly becomes an expert mentor and teacher for the high-wire act of growing older with grace and optimism.Come for a discussion and book signing with Thomas Farmen and his charming chocolate Lab, Bessie.  This is an indoor event.


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