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NH Historical Highway Markers

Friends of the Hampstead Library Program.

Those highway signs that describe the history you just passed by at 50 mph are highlighted in this fascinating look at the people, events, and places of NH History. There are 259 of these signs scattered around the state and chosen by citizens, visitors, and historians as the most noteworthy history. They feature early exploration, Native American wars, space travel, and long lost forgotten history. The markers tell the noteworthy, whimsical, and important tales of NH. 

The English Handbell Choir of the First Congregational Church of Pelham

Friends of the Hampstead Library Program.

Back by popular demand, the English Handbell Choir from Pelham will delight the audience with their selection of holiday music. Don’t miss this wonderful musical interlude in the winter holiday season.

The bell choir was organized by Fran Chadwick in 1976 and began with just two octaves of bells. They currently use three octaves of bells and three octaves of hand chimes.  Bell ringing requires not only dedication, but also a special sense of working together.  It really is a unique endeavor.  

Black Hawk Helicopters & the NH Army National Guard

Friends of the Hampstead Library Program.

Presenter Chief Warrant Officer Five (CW5) George Munson, representing the Army Aviation Support Facility, NH Army National Guard (NHARNG), will provide a presentation on what is involved in providing NH mountain search and rescues and combat medical evacuation.  Learn how the National Guard is linked to the Governor and the President of the United States. 

Forensic Science Roadshow

Friends of the Hampstead Library Program.

Venture into the world of CSI with this interactive program that introduces you to the fascinating subject of forensic science.  Subjects include: functions of a forensic scientist; blood; DNA; fingerprints; crime light, and footwear impressions.

Life Downstairs: British Servant Culture in Fact, Fiction and Film

Friends of the Hampstead Library Program. No RSVP necessary.

While servant narratives have been popular for centuries, there seems to be a resurging interest in these stories in recent decades. Films like The Remains of the Day and Gosford Park garnered numerous Oscar nominations and substantial box office profits. PBS created such classics as Upstairs, Downstairs and Manor House, as well as the phenomenally successful Downton Abbey!

Big Game Day!

We will have games for all ages set up throughout and outside the library! From cornhole on the front lawn to Wii bowling upstairs on the big screen, there's a game for everyone!

This program is open to all ages. 

Bioluminescence UNH SeaSpeak (SRP)

UNH SeaSpeak Marine Docent Skill Small will present on Bioluminescence, the incredible light emitted by deep-sea fish and other marine organisms.

Did you know that in the depths of the ocean where sunlight doesn't penetrate, most organisms produce their own light to communicate? Bacteria, whales, and all in between utilize bioluminescence for offense, defense, and mating purposes. Come learn all about this incredible natural phenomenon!

No RSVP necessary. 

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Catch a wave, a sound wave! Joe Hayes of Sound Scapers will lead a crystal bowl sound bath. It’s believed that a sound bath can trigger “sound healing”, a remedy favored by many cultures for thousands of years. You may either sit in a chair or if you'd prefer to lay down please bring a blanket/towel/yoga mat.

No need to RSVP. 


From the presenter: 

Bagels & Bingo (SRP)

Bagels! Bingo! Together for one fun morning. 

Stop by for delicious bagels and a couple games of bingo, plus coffee and tea.

In addition to getting a raffle ticket just for attending, there are prizes for the first few Bingo winners!

No RSVP necessary. 


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