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Digital Magazines from Flipster & Overdrive

Get instant access to popular magazines, with No Holds and No Wait! It's simple to select your favorite magazines and start reading. Available on your Smartphone, Tablet, Kindle and Computer.

► Full-page, full-color versions of the print magazine.
► Current and back issues of popular titles.
► No Waiting Lists!
► Access from your browser or mobile device app.
► Download as many magazines as you’d like, 24/7.
► There are no due dates and no overdue fines!

To browse and read Flipster digital magazines, you only need a valid Hampstead Library card.

Current Subscriptions
Cottages & Bungalows Paleo Magazine
Country Gardens Parents
Discover Racheal Ray Everyday
Dr. Oz The Good Life Real Simple
Dwell *New* Runner’s World
Eating Well Time *New*
Entertainment Weekly *New* The Week
Forbes US Weekly
Macworld Vanity Fair
Marie Claire Vogue *New*
Men’s Journal *New* Women’s Health
New Yorker Zoobooks Magazine

Download the free Flipster app from the Google Play or Apple from iTunes App Store or read in your computer browser from the Flipster link above.

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To browse and read digital magazines available from Overdrive/Libby you only need a valid Hampstead Library card.

Current Subscriptions
The Atlantic Newsweek
Backpacker O, The Oprah Magazine
Bloomberg Business Outside
Car and Driver PC Magazine
Clean Eating Popular Mechanics
Cosmopolitan Popular Science
Country Living Seventeen
ESPN the Magazine Simple & Delicious
Field & Stream Simply Knitting
Food Network Magazine Taste of Home
HGTV Magazine Woman's Day
House Beautiful Yoga Journal
Lonely Planet Traveller  

Download the free Libby or Overdrive app from the Google Play or Apple from iTunes App Store or read in your computer browser from the Overdrive/Libry icon link above.

Research & Browse Magazines Online

MasterMasterFILE PremierFile Premier is the premium database that allows us to browse thousands of magazines online.
Many of the titles in MasterFILE offer full PDF versions of the articles so it's as if you're flipping the pages on your screen.

Regional Business News link
Regional Business News compiles articles from 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.

HealthSource Link
HealthSource provides full text access to more than130 magazines covering health topics including the medical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, childcare, sports medicine and general health.

Consumer Health Complete
Consumer Health Complete also provides access to easily understandable health and medical information. Search and browse within medical encyclopedias, popular reference books, and magazine articles.
Newspapers Are Also Available Online

This link will take you to online access to 15 NH newspapers, including the Union Leader and the Concord Monitor. Once you go to this webpage, note the shortcut links in the left margin to take you quickly to many different options.

Find current and archived articles on issues, events, people, government and more with the world's largest collection of full-text news sources. Includes local news, editorials, announcements and other sections from more than 4,700 sources.

Find full-text articles on local news, issues, events, people and much more from current and archived issues of Tri-Town Times and Eagle Tribune.

NewsLink to Newspaper Source Databasepaper Source offers full text coverage of 25 national and international newspapers, 260 regional U.S. newspapers and full text transcripts of television and radio news programs. 

Magazines and Newspapers for Check-out

There are over 60 magazines and newspaper titles available for browsing and checking out.Catalog link
 Newest Editions are only for reading in the library, but we retain many back issues for your convenience.

You can search our catalog to see if we have your favorite magazine or newspaper.